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Tokyo startup ecosystem

In the heart of Tokyo, a dynamic startup ecosystem is blooming, blending traditional Japanese values with cutting-edge technology. Tokyo is a vibrant hub of entrepreneurial energy. With visionary investors, a rich pool of talent, and a thriving network of mentors, Tokyo provides fertile ground for startups to flourish. Step into the world of Tokyo's startup scene and be part of a transformative journey where innovation meets Japanese ingenuity.

Mentors in Tokyo

Building startups since before ‘startup’ was a word. 5-star mentor with πŸ₯‡ accelerator (25+ unicorns) in the 🌎, for whom I’ve built and mentored several programs. Bringing the ‘πŸ¦„ Playbook’ to more entrepreneurs around the World. Firm believer that the right emoji is worth πŸ’― words.

Rui Bom
5✨ mentor at πŸ₯‡ accelerator (25πŸ¦„)

Start-up, growth marketing expert in APAC/Japan regions, 20+ years of broad marketing experience in IT/Tech/Media sector

Keiko Asakura
Growth Marketing Expert, Japan Marketing, Japanese Content Localization

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Frequently asked questions

What industries or sectors are dominant in Tokyo's startup ecosystem?

Tokyo’s startup ecosystem is robust in FinTech, Robotics, and E-commerce, hosting companies like Rakuten and Mercari.

What are the key accelerators available for startups in Tokyo?

Key accelerators in Tokyo include Plug and Play Japan, Samurai Incubate, and 500 Startups Japan, offering startups mentoring, networking, and funding opportunities.

What local funding opportunities are available for startups in Tokyo?

Local funding opportunities include venture capital firms like JAFCO and Globis Capital Partners, as well as various government-backed funds and angel investor networks.

Are there any tax incentives designed to support startups in Tokyo?

Japan provides several tax incentives for startups, including R&D tax credits and tax exemptions for specific industries.

What is the cost of living and operating a business in Tokyo?

While the cost of living and operating a business in Tokyo is high, its strategic location in Asia and strong business culture can justify these expenses.

What is the talent pool like in Tokyo?

Tokyo boasts a highly educated talent pool, particularly in technology and design, fostered by top-ranked universities and technical colleges.

How is Tokyo's infrastructure conducive to startup growth?

Tokyo’s advanced infrastructure, excellent connectivity, and numerous coworking spaces create a conducive environment for startup growth.

Are there any major networking events focused on startups in Tokyo?

Tokyo hosts various startup events such as Slush Tokyo and Tech in Asia Tokyo, offering extensive networking opportunities.

What is the regulatory environment like for startups in Tokyo?

Japan’s regulatory environment is strict but transparent, with resources available to help startups navigate the requirements. Government initiatives like the J-Startup program support startup growth.